Math + Science = Success


Cool Links

Math and science are all over the Internet!

These are just a few of the websites where you can find math and science activities. Can you find more?

Cool Websites

  • Challenger Learning Center at Wheeling Jesuit University
  • – Water resources information
  •– an action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!
  • – – This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.
  • – Real scientists discussing real life situations
  • – NASA Education Resources
  • – NASA Education Resources
  • – National Geographic site for students
  • – is your gateway to experience the excitement of contemporary science and technology through on and offline interactivity with science and technology centers worldwide.
  • Science News for Kids is a website devoted to science news for children of ages 9 to 14.It features offer timely items of interest to kids, accompanied by suggestions for hands-on activities, books, articles, Web resources, and other useful material
  • The Girls, Math & Science Partnership‘s mission is to engage, educate, and embrace girls as architects of change. Working with girls age 11 – 17 and their parents, teachers, and mentors, we draw organizations, stakeholders, and communities together in an effort to ensure that girls succeed in math and science.
  • Advanced Technological Education Television is an award winning on-line video series with up to the minute information connecting students with education and employment opportunities.
  • – Following up on the work of the American Diploma Project, Achieve has produced a series of “Mathematics at Work” brochures to examine how higher-level mathematics is used in today’s workplaces. The brochures present case studies drawn from leading industries nationwide to illustrate the advanced mathematics knowledge and skills embedded in jobs that offer opportunities for advancement and are accessible to high school graduates.
  • – This website contains math careers searchable by mathematical topic or job as well as math games.