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Helpful Links

Helpful Links for Educators

  • – Science fair projects: ideas, topics, methods & examples. Science articles, easy kids science projects & experiments
  • What Works Clearinghouse – A central and trusted source of scientific evidence for what works in education.
  • Science Olympiad in PA – Science Olympiad has led a revolution in science education. What began as a grassroots assembly of science teachers is now one of the premiere science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to nearly 6,000 teams in 50 states.
  • National Science Olympiad
  • – Water Science and Technology For Students and Educators for water resources education for Pennsylvania
  • -These secondary level, written tasks, are a rich set of sample instructional tasks that exemplify expectations leading to Achieve’s college- and career-ready standards. These tasks cover a range of student expectations and include a variety of solution strategies.
  • The Balanced Assessment in Mathematics Program existed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education from 1993-2003. The project group developed a large collection of innovative mathematics assessment tasks for grades K to 12. The library of over 300 mathematics assessment tasks developed during the project remains freely available through this web site. Teachers may use these materials in their own classrooms at no cost.
  • TIMSS/Educators – This website contains previously released TIMSS items at the 4th and 8th grade levels. The items are organized by standard and include multiple choice, short constructed response, and extended constructed response.
  • – This website contains previously released NAEP items at the 4th, 8th, and 12th grade levels. The items are searchable by standard, grade level, type of question, and level of difficulty.
  • Figure This! is a Public Outreach campaign designed to engage families of middle school students in working on mathematics together. The campaign consists of 80 math challenges organized by standard . They are designed for middle school students and their families to work on at home but could also be used in the classroom.
  • – This website contains assessment items and student work that demonstrates sample responses to assessment items. The concept addressed and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skill (TEKS) are used to sort the tasks.
  • – This website contains a collection of 580 lessons for PreK – 12 math educators which are searchable by grade band, standard, or specific topic.
  • – This website includes math and science activities which incorporate Texas Instruments technology at the middle school level.
  • – This website includes K-12 math and science activities which incorporate Texas Instruments technology. The activities are searchable by subject, topic, and type of technology.
  • – This website contains archived high school math activities which incorporate Texas Instruments technology.  These activities are searchable by standard and type of technology.
  • Google Earth Lessons – This website contains math and science lessons which make use of Google Earth.
  • GeoGebra is free mathematics software for teaching and learning which incorporates interactive graphics, algebra, and spreadsheets appropriate for elementary through high school students. The site also contains a GeoGebraWiki which is a free pool of teaching materials for the dynamic mathematics software GeoGebra. Everyone can contribute and upload materials. All contents of this site may be used free of charge.
  • – This website contains lesson plans which can be used to introduce or reinforce technology skills. They’re ready to use as is or you can customize them to fit your specific teaching and learning goals. The lesson plans are searchable by subject, type of technology, and grade level.
  • Virtual Manipulatives – This website contains virtual manipulatives which are searchable by grade level and standard. Each virtual manipulative contains teacher information for how to make use of the manipulative. This site also contains free lessons and activities for grades 2 through high school which make use of the virtual manipulatives.
  • The Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System portal contains a searchable bank of lesson plans and activities related to PA Standards. These can be searched by subject, grade level, course, or specific topic.
  • The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Mathematics Assessment database provides sample assessment items from grades 3 through 11. This database is part of a newly started United States project to collect sample items from summative assessments of APEC member economies.
  • – This website includes internet based learning activities searchable by grade level or benchmark as well as engaging interactive activities, and reviewed websites to support standards-based teaching a nd learning.
  • – This blog is to assist teachers is sharing, with their students, the math and science around us every day.  Each post will include a picture depicting math, science, or both (Smath).  Many times the connections will be obvious to students, while other times the connections to “Smath” may be revealed as teachers facilitate discussion about the image through their questioning.
  • – Teachers and volunteers (who could be any community members) and STEM-based professionals register and get connected through the website with teachers who propose projects, equipment needs, or other needs.  The site automatically matches the teacher requests with volunteers and scientists willing to help.
  • The Girls, Math & Science Partnership’s mission is to engage, educate, and embrace girls as architects of change. Working with girls age 11 – 17 and their parents, teachers, and mentors, we draw organizations, stakeholders, and communities together in an effort to ensure that girls succeed in math and science.